Consulting Services

Gallium 31’s Consulting Services is designed to help organizations assess and decide the most effective ways of obtaining business benefit from Information Technology today. Using proven methodologies, our consulting approach creates a vision and delivers a transformation plan.

Gallium 31 provides consulting in the following core areas of focus:

– Internet Technology
– Infrastructure Management
– Project Management
– Training and Support

Enterprise Architecture Services

At Gallium 31, we are dedicated to providing first class, manageable, cost-effective solutions to our clients. The Gallium 31 team strongly believes that open source solutions will continue to provide significant financial and technological gains for any business who implements them.

Training Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who has very little technical understanding, or you just want to refresh your knowledge about programming. Gallium 31 provides basic and advanced trainings that makes programming accessible for everyone. We offer time-efficient and affordable classes that fit your schedule. Improve your chances of getting a better job now. Click here for more details and find out how we can help you.

Existing Products

These existing system engines have been tested and proven to be effective by the best critics ? our clients. The Gallium 31 team offers to customize the existing core system engines in order to better fit your business, because we believe that each client should get not just what they want, but what they need.

The Ga31 Intelligent Inventory & Sales Engine

Used by businesses that rely on accurate and easy management of inventories, products, and multiple locations, the Intelligent Inventory Engine ensures that you can concentrate on running your business, not on running the software.

Key features:

– Easy to Use Interface
– Support for Multiple Inventories
– Customizable Reporting Tool
– Customizable Product ID Manager
– Support for Location-Based Pricing
– Product/Stock Locator Tool

The Ga31 Intelligent Logistics Engine

Used by freight and shipping brokers, agents, and freight management companies, the Intelligent Logistics Engine tracks clients, agents, brokers, and shipments in order to provide a robust and effective all-in-one logistics system. Used by known freight management and brokerage companies in the Philippines, the Intelligent Logistics Engine delivers ? and so could you.

Key features:

– Easy to Use Interface
– Customizable Form Generation Tool
– Customizable Reporting Tool
– Shipment Tracking