Prulife UK Agency Compensation System

Prulife UK needed an online compensation system to handle a multi-level hierarchy of agents. As the Java Architect, the task was to complete a team of Senior and Intermediate developers to handle the project.

The architecture designed was a Service Oriented Architecture, encapsulating business processes in Web Services. The Spring framework is the base; Ibatis is used for Persistence, Rhino Templating and JSLint for layout and ExtJS for the front-end widget framework.

An Integration Reporting Service capitalizes on Crystal Reports Engine to route and process the reports of the application.

Design Patterns used are IOC, MVC2 enhanced with Web 2.0 technologies and techniques, enabling users for live, grid editing, context aware tabs and dynamic validation form elements.

Custom Service Connectors wrap JSON encoded packets and push them through a central controlling service hub for Role Matrix validation and dynamic element evaluation and processing. The hub also audits and tracks the packets for security access and routing.


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