Our mission is to provide life changing service and training to the world through the best of technology. We will be a world leader in technology research, training and development.


Gallium31 Corporation was founded in 2006 and started primarily as an IT development firm. Our office is located at Unit 10-07 Corporate 88 Tower Sedeno cor. Valero Salcedo Village Makati Philippines.

Since 2006 we started conducting training and architecture for our clients. We realized that we are in the best position in giving the right education and management, because not only do we know the right technology; we have successfully used them in practice.

The reason we can provide the right training and design is we are primarily and always will be an architecture and development company. Our architectural services have been proven numerous times delivering the right system for companies on time and with the best technology could offer.

Our team have 50 years of combined experience in development, architecture and sales. We have hit the web boom at the right time. We have learned from the past and are ready for the present, always looking ahead.


The tools of the trade, Gallium31 chooses software platforms carefully to ensure quick delivery without compromising quality. Each technology that Gallium31 uses is a tried and tested software framework with active communities actively developing new features and upgrades for the core software.

Our core roots come from J2EE enterprise development, the methodologies and practices of which, we apply as a preference when selecting technologies.