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High class technology and architecture meets sexy sophisticated branding. Gallium31 is the leader in making effective, creative and efficient Digital Solutions in a Global Scale.

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Gallium31 has always cared about results. This is why the company has adopted a Scrum based developmental framework. Scrum is an agile software development process which emphasizes speed of delivery and flexibility.
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The best engineering feats of man starts out with a proper foundation, a good architecture. Site Architecture is the planning of the study of navigation, web components, page layouts to blend into a cohesive unit proclaiming one branding voice and integrated user experience.
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Design is, in its essence, a visual way of communication. For Gallium31, design is not just the form and "face" of the final product. It is a tool we use to help convey your message to your customers, and help you stand out from the competition. We believe that good design induces good business and apply that philosophy to every product we create. Our talented staff can assist you in bringing out that uniqueness of your brand.
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Every Gallium31 product is thoroughly tested internally. Our team of experts is dedicated, not only to fast delivery times, but quality releases as well. Attention-to-Detail is the key from basic spell checks to code performance ensure that you, the customer get only the finest IT products.
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Runrio Inc. Website Redesign

Runrio Inc. A well known race organization created by Coach Rio De La Cruz. Runrio pioneered the use of high-tech timing systems for accurate race results, detailed performance analysis for runners, 3d race maps, and video coverage which makes their running events world-class. To improve their online presence and social interactivity Runrio chose Gallium31 for their website overhaul.


IT Training Services


We started our organization to make a meaning.  Do something about the current economic situation of our nation. We do this by providing the right education fast, cheap, and efficient.

How is our training method right?

One of our core strength is Research and Development.  Before we started doing training, we are in all aspects a development and architecture organization.  Our team has been developing systems for the past 5 years.  We were privileged to work with companies like Prulife UK, Yellowasp, and Rendition Digital.

We don’t just know how to do it; we have done it and are still doing it.  We have successfully developed enterprise systems  launched and maintained globally.

How can we do it fast and cheap?

First of all, it shouldn’t have ever been expensive.  In I.T., the delusion of traditional educational attainment is no longer relevant compared to the light speed pace of technology. Traditional approaches are simply slow and in effect expensive.  Our hot-off-the-press approach enables us to make cost effective courses with the least amount of time for research and delivery without compromising quality.

How are we efficient?

We know what the industry is using and will be using.  When you enter into our training, our first task is to teach you the right mindset.  With the right mindset everything else is just syntax.  We build up your experience on the course itself.  Our trainers are not teachers who just know the languages; they are the developers and architects themselves. They give you up-to-date real life experiences to add-on to your repertoire.

Prulife UK Agency Compensation System

Prulife UK needed an online compensation system to handle a multi-level hierarchy of agents. As the Java Architect, the task was to complete a team of Senior and Intermediate developers to handle the project.

The architecture designed was a Service Oriented Architecture, encapsulating business processes in Web Services. The Spring framework is the base; Ibatis is used for Persistence, Rhino Templating and JSLint for layout and ExtJS for the front-end widget framework.

An Integration Reporting Service capitalizes on Crystal Reports Engine to route and process the reports of the application.

Design Patterns used are IOC, MVC2 enhanced with Web 2.0 technologies and techniques, enabling users for live, grid editing, context aware tabs and dynamic validation form elements.

Custom Service Connectors wrap JSON encoded packets and push them through a central controlling service hub for Role Matrix validation and dynamic element evaluation and processing. The hub also audits and tracks the packets for security access and routing.


Extremo Lubricants Website Project

Gallium31 Inc. was contracted by Equitorial Oil Trading Est. a company established following an enormous demand for engine oils of excellent quality obtainable at economical and affordable prices. Extremo Lubricants, their registered brand of engine oil, required a website to showcase their products and provide web presence.

Gallium31 Inc. used Joomla, a well-known and simple open source content management system which is used to build content rich web sites.


RGG Brokerage and Logistics System

Gallium31 Inc. was contracted by RG Gumatay Express Transport, Inc.,  a national operations Brokerage and Logistics Company.  Their requirement is full Transaction Monitoring and Portal Decision Reporting System.
This project required a document based system which was designed to use JSON and Flash Remoting.  This allows the developer to easily configure the different Government and Corporate Forms passing through the Business and integrate them seamlessly allowing easy transaction control and reporting manipulation.

Full grid data and complex forms were serialized into lightweight AMF Object and then passed to the AMF gateway hub for authentication and audit. The gateway then routes it to the target Service processing and persistence.


DASMAN Group Security Agency System

Gallium31 Inc. was contracted by DASMAN group for a multi company payroll, consolidated by the head Human Resource Center. We head the System design and Technology Research team for this project.

The requirement was to make a versatile payroll system with a slick and fun appeal. Interfaces are all built in pure Flash. This project also uses the Gallium31 Flash XML Remoting Framework.

This system allows multiple instances but is autonomous of each other. It is a requirement to allow an instance of the system for each sub company but should be able to reconcile and replicate to the main servers.


Sharp Philippines Import/Export System

Gallium31 Inc. were contracted by Sharp an international electronic appliance manufacturing company. Their requirement is full Bill of Lading Monitoring and Management System.
In this project we were tasked to design a custom XML Based message format and framework to allow Flash to do Remote Calls and retrieve Deltasets from Java. This framework was also used in various projects of the company during that time.


Jardy Marketing (UNIVERSIDAD) Consignment Management System

Gallium31 Inc. was contracted by one of the leading apparel manufacturer and retailer. Their clients are most of the top schools here in the Philippines like DLSU, MAPUA, UP and Ateneo. They also consign their products in Olympic village and Royal Sporting House.

Gallium31 Inc. designed their Consignment Sales and Inventory Management System. It is an online live inventory and sales monitoring system.

It uses an enhanced Gallium31 Flash XML Remoting Framework which added feature allows sub systems to make replicas of the main system and function fully by themselves.

This is due to the need to make a disconnected copy of the system into their mobile computers and conduct their business process on site. They can later on go back to their office and replicate with their server. This simulates how Lotus Notes replicates but is all done in Java.