Branding Architecture

What is Branding Architecture?

It is the strategic process of creating solutions while balancing technical architecture and cohesive branding.

The way Gallium31 approaches a problem is always oriented in “How do we do this?” rather than “How can we do this?”. Syntax, mechanics, business logic, design algorithms, experience matrices, user journeys etc. are just a bunch of jargon if there is no strategy behind the solution.

If one can keep a strategic and creative mindset, while artfully and skillfully implement tactical directives then one is on their way in practicing Branding Architecture.

It is not just about the design; nor just the theme; nor the enterprise infrastructure but the cohesion of an effective strategy sewn in between each layer of the solution that makes the edge above the common solution in the market.

This is what Gallium31 has been practicing and evangelizing all our years in business. Each solution we create is Life Changing because we create a branded architectural strategy all through out the lifespan of the engagement.

Our Success

ABS-CBN Global

Gallium31 is the key bridge point for creating the integration for the ABS-CBN MyRemit Global site. This system interfaces their various branches all other the world and routes their information to their Backend CRM Solution.  Gallium31 also has done a number of branding websites for ABS-CBN shows and products.


A well known race organization created by Coach Rio De La Cruz. Runrio pioneered the use of high-tech timing systems for accurate race results, detailed performance analysis for runners, 3d race maps, and video coverage which makes their running events world-class. To improve their online presence and social interactivity Runrio chose Gallium31 for their website overhaul.

Pru Life UK

Gallium31 is a long time partner in development for PRU Life UK. We have done various projects with them ranging from Agency Enterprise Solutions to Financial Investment Systems. PRU Life UK boasts as one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines even if it is relatively younger in the Philippines compared to its competitors.

Rendition Digital

With locations in Europe, US and the Philippines, Rendition Digital provides strategic outsourcing of high value-added services which includes software development, flash and multimedia services, DTP and localization and support, e-Learning Support Services, and technical training services. As a technical partner, Gallium31 is currently involved in the training of their technical team and some of their major development projects.

IT Training Services


We started our organization to make a meaning.  Do something about the current economic situation of our nation. We do this by providing the right education fast, cheap, and efficient.

How is our training method right?

One of our core strength is Research and Development.  Before we started doing training, we are in all aspects a development and architecture organization.  Our team has been developing systems for the past 5 years.  We were privileged to work with companies like Prulife UK, Yellowasp, and Rendition Digital.

We don’t just know how to do it; we have done it and are still doing it.  We have successfully developed enterprise systems  launched and maintained globally.

How can we do it fast and cheap?

First of all, it shouldn’t have ever been expensive.  In I.T., the delusion of traditional educational attainment is no longer relevant compared to the light speed pace of technology. Traditional approaches are simply slow and in effect expensive.  Our hot-off-the-press approach enables us to make cost effective courses with the least amount of time for research and delivery without compromising quality.

How are we efficient?

We know what the industry is using and will be using.  When you enter into our training, our first task is to teach you the right mindset.  With the right mindset everything else is just syntax.  We build up your experience on the course itself.  Our trainers are not teachers who just know the languages; they are the developers and architects themselves. They give you up-to-date real life experiences to add-on to your repertoire.

How can we help?

Unit 1007, 88 Corporate Center 141 Valero St.,  corner Sedeno St., Makati City, Philippines

For inquiries, questions or suggestions, e-mail us at

For requests that need immediate attention, please call us at 750-1667.


About Us


Our mission is to provide life changing service and training to the world through the best of technology. We will be a world leader in technology research, training and development.


Gallium31 Corporation was founded in 2006 and started primarily as an IT development firm. Our office is located at Unit 10-07 Corporate 88 Tower Sedeno cor. Valero Salcedo Village Makati Philippines.

Since 2006 we started conducting training and architecture for our clients. We realized that we are in the best position in giving the right education and management, because not only do we know the right technology; we have successfully used them in practice.

The reason we can provide the right training and design is we are primarily and always will be an architecture and development company. Our architectural services have been proven numerous times delivering the right system for companies on time and with the best technology could offer.

Our team have 50 years of combined experience in development, architecture and sales. We have hit the web boom at the right time. We have learned from the past and are ready for the present, always looking ahead.